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Monday, March 9, 2009

Twitter Icons

I was searching for really cool Twitter icons the other day and Douglas Karr's "The Marketing Technology Blog" page came up in the first page of the Google results. Doug has designed his own icons and is quite generous in sharing his designs (including the Illustrator file he used).

I'm using the biggest of the batch (see the icon at the right column of this blog) which is about 100px by 100px, and I think it came out just fine. The icon is hotlinked to the image file hosted at Photobucket, and links directly to my Twitter user page. Visit Douglas Karr's blog and download the Twitter icons here.

You're not on Twitter? Why not?

Seriously, as Doug points out in his post, the micro-blogging (140 characters per post or update) platform has become so "mainstream," practically everyone is using it. Twitter has evolved into a major marketing tool, and if you're wondering where your market is, chances are a huge chunk of that market is busy atweeting.

As a marketer, can you make sales by Twitter?

Another web 2.0 and podcasting guru, Paul Colligan, thinks you absolutely can. Paul has 7,645 followers in Twitter (as of this writing) and all it took him was 13 seconds to post a "check this out..." link to his product sales page, in Twitter. The results? "More than a hundred" clicks and an astounding 9% conversion rate!

Of course, Paul is a great guy who has built high-trust relationships with his audience over the years and "The Business of Podcasting" is a great product, but still, there's no denying how awesome Twitter's power as a marketing channel is, in Paul's case.

Twitter is a great channel to convey your message. In fact, it has evolved and morphed into myriad applications, not just marketing, for many different people in many different situations. Even the most jaded Beltway politicians are using it. At the end of the day, though, it is only a channel, not the key to instant internet riches.

If you've worked hard in your offline business building relationships, creating solid and trustworthy products, adding value to people, Twitter may just be the platform that could magnify your reach, influence, and sales results. Send out a tweet, today.

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