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Friday, March 6, 2009

New Directions for Manila Connection

Manila Connection was originally created to highlight and showcase interesting facts about people, places, and events in the city where I live - Manila, in the Philippines. I may still pursue that goal in the future, but it would probably be hosted in some other site. Manila Connection has been "re-engineered" to help people aiming to establish their businesses in the web 2.0 world.

I can't believe it's been more than a year since I last updated this blog, and like everyone else, so much has happened to me, since then.

On a personal note, we have welcomed a new addition to the family October of last year - our new baby, Mikhael. So, yes, I'm now a proud father of three great kids - Aya, Jedi, and Mikhael.

I have also successfully transitioned, in March of 2008, from working for a big company to finally striking out on my own as a freelance internet marketing consultant. It's been a great year - I have worked with some of the most talented and successful people in internet marketing as well as some guys who are just starting their internet businesses. They've all remained good friends and repeat clients.

Manila Connection will be about the latest ideas, tools, and best practices in the web 2.0 environment. I continue to learn new things everyday, and I feel that by sharing what I learn, I'll be able to grow more as a person, and as an internet entrepreneur. This is my way of "paying it forward" and sharing the philosophy of abundance.

Manila Connection is a full web 2.0 site, a point of connection and interaction between people from all over the globe. If you're a blogger, freelancer, or a business person with ideas to share or a project proposal, please free to contact me here through the Friend Connect or in the social networking (like Facebook) or micro-blogging (like Twitter) sites.

So, once more, after a year of hibernation, I welcome you to the new Manila Connection. Looking forward to fun and productive times ahead.

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