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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Force of Nature

I believe in "walking the talk" in any advocacy. The fight to save the environment begins closer to home - with myself - first and foremost. Casting my vote for Mother Earth means living a lifestyle that's nature-friendly. Recycle, plant trees, buy organic and fair-trade products, car pool, walk, bike, aim towards paperless transactions, oh, we could go on and on with a mile-long list of things each of us can do to help save the Earth.

Having said that, there are things beyond our individual capacities to change, however. How can you hope to succeed in stopping dynamite-fishing in Manila Bay, or the degradation of the centuries-old rice terraces, or the destruction of mangrove forests in Camiguin, all by yourself? You can't. And so we band together to make our voices heard, to create a larger impact in our collective actions. A veritable force of nature effecting long-term and meaningful change - all for the good of the Earth - that's what we become when we group together.

Photo Courtesy of www.morguefile.com

The Philippine Eco Tourism Group in Facebook is designed (and ably led by its founder, Violeta Imperial) as a venue for Filipinos and other nationalities who share the same abiding concern for the environment. If you're already in Facebook, please feel free to join the group and discover what you can contribute for the earth.

The primary group in the Philippines behind the one in Facebook is the Nature Awareness and Conservation Club, Inc (NACCI). Go and check out the different nature tours you can join.
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