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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Birthday Post

Hi, everyone and welcome to the Manila Connection! I'm launching this blog today in tandem with another blog that's focused on internet marketing and seo. Both on January the 8th, my big day, sort of twin birthday presents to myself. (Remind me to give you the URL on the seo blog later).

People, places, events - anything and everything worth talking about under our islands' sun - you'll find it all here in the Manila Connection. Sights, activities, events - all will be featured here. Talk about going beyond your niche. Art, food, technology. Amazing Pinoys and super companies with great customer service, cutting edge technology Pinoy web denizens are using , cool places to chill out in, great events to to flock to - all will be part of this halo-halo bowl that the Manila Connection is.

I'll try to stay away from incendiary issues like the byzantine politics in this country, although I'll be making some occasional digs just to be in touch. Of course, some of our politicians are just too good for comic relief, it would be a disservice not to do a satirical sketch at times.

Bottom line is Manila Connection serves as my little contribution to publicize people and outfits that make our lives infinitely better through their outstanding example - in the kind of lives they lead or the brand of service they provide, both online and offline. Pinoys who are discovering and making a name for themselves in the brave new world of internet communications are pioneering stalwarts who deserve our praise, and they too will have a place in these posts.

We are a people with a rich heritage and a fascinating story to tell to the whole world, and new technologies are making all that easier than getting a cab in front of Glorietta at rush hours during the yuletide holidays ;=).
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